How digital marketers should research fashion industry trends on social media

As Internet takes an integral part of the modern life, it’s a great place for businesses to display their products and services. For more solid presence they tend to create accounts in social networks so to engage their customers and attract the potential ones.

To be successful every brand needs a really effective marketing strategy of promotion. Of course, there is a simple way – just to pay for ads on all social media, buy services of the most expensive influencers, but it’s not 100% guaranteed that you will achieve your goals with such expenses.

The most useful advice here is to prepare for setting up your marketing campaigns and not to jump in feet first. Of course you can analyze some common points on social media – celebrities and influencers posts, popular and niche hashtags, the competitors ways of promotion and so on.

But why not to start with the monitoring of your customers preferences and behavior tendencies, your competitors growth strategies and raising new trends on Instagram? So then you can enrich your content and target the users you really need.

Let’s see how it works on one of the most used social network – Instagram.

As Instagram is all about high quality images and stylish photos, the content related to fashion, car, travel industries is the most engaging. So to define the trends of gaining popularity content, the smartest way is to monitor users on Instagram: what photos they like, what posts they comment, what new users they follow.

To perform the monitoring there is an useful tool – Snoopreport. You just need to add Instagram usernames in the dashboard and choose the number of weeks for monitoring. The service will make the rest. It will track the user actions during the time period set and will provide you the user activity report each week.


And this kind of monitoring was used by one of the “Big Four” largest marketing and communications agencies in the world – Publicis Media.

They had an artificial intelligence agent mine Instagram to understand what type of beauty captures the attention of millennials.

For the research 200 Instagram users were selected, namely Instagram followers of Fructis and Other Millennial brands pages, and monitored within 15 days. The 48,000 pictures liked were provided in the reports as output results.

The following step was Google Vision Image Recognition that described each image in 20 words and the following clusters of text labels were got:

And finally basing on these clusters analysis the important findings were made:

the Top beauty themes

As you can make sure this research achieved its goal as it provided user insights (the users interests are clearly displayed in clusters) and the trends in beauty industry images.

It is just one example of the use cases that can be applied to Snoopreport service. You can read more in our previous articles: and

More about Snoopreport:

Snoopreport is the Instagram monitoring tool that tracks user actions as likes, comments and follows. It provides invaluable user data in individual/group weekly and monthly PDF reports. All the user actions are available in CSV reports where there are many useful metrics to analyze and get user insights.

Plus for marketers and analysts there is an opportunity to use Snoopreport for free. If interested, read our article.