The Best Instagram Video Downloader Services

Instagram has become a hub for connecting with family and friends, sharing our lives, and learning more about the people in our lives. It does have its hitches, though, and one of them is the blocked ability to download videos from Instagram. In fact, you can’t even download your own video posts after you’ve posted them.

Of course, there are ways to get around this, such as using Instagram video downloader services. Let’s explore these tools and how they might come in handy.

Snoopreport Instagram activity tracker helps to receive data about user’s actions

Why Might You Want to Download Videos from Instagram?

Why does it matter that Instagram doesn’t let you download videos? There are actually plenty of reasons you might want to save a video from Instagram into your own video storage instead of simply saving them within Instagram.


Anonymous Instagram Story Viewers Review

Instagram is famous for being the place people go to keep an eye on their exes, long-lost best friends, and even current significant others. The practice is so popular that it has its own term, Instastalking — even if it’s nowhere near as creepy as true stalking. Most of us have done it at least here or there, but if you’re in the middle of seeing what someone has been up to, is there anything worse than accidentally clicking on their story and knowing they’ve been notified that you’re watching it?

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to gather intel on people through Instagram, including by watching their stories anonymously. Let’s explore.

Instagram activity tracker allows you to track the actions of any user with a public profile

Why Might You Want to Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously?

First of all, why would you want to watch someone’s Instagram stories anonymously? You may already know that, unlike posts, Instagram stories will notify the user when anyone watches the story, even if you don’t like it or comment. This recently became an especially frustrating issue because Instagram and Facebook have begun putting stories into your newsfeed, and if you slightly pause your scrolling while the story is visible, it registers you as viewing the story.

In many cases, this is a recipe for awkward conversations. We all follow people on Instagram who we don’t keep in touch with often, but we may want to see what they’re up to out of curiosity. Or, you may be wanting to learn more about someone like a match on a dating app or a friend of a friend before you meet them. If they see that you’ve watched their stories, it could set an uncomfortable tone for the next time you see them,

Instagram is also a way to make sure your significant other, your child, or other people in your life aren’t engaging in things they shouldn’t like cheating, using drugs, or smoking or drinking underage. People often post more candid information in their stories than their posts because they know stories are more temporary. If they know you’re watching, they might be more guarded so that they’re still stepping outside the lines but it’s harder for you to know about it.

Top Ways to Learn About People on Instagram Discreetly

There are actually more ways to learn about people on Instagram discreetly and anonymously than you might realize. Consider these three strategies, for example.

1. Use an Instagram Activity Tracker

An Instagram activity tracker like Snoopreport is a unique tool that gives you the inside scoop and certain highly informative data about nearly anyone on Instagram. Snoopreport shows you, week by week, every post the person has liked, whose posts they’re liking most often, what they’re interested in based on their post activity, who has recently followed them, and more.


86 Incredible Instagram Captions for 2022

When you think about it, Instagram is a social media platform that’s perfectly suited to the human mind. It puts an image front and center to catch your eye in an instant. But the picture always makes you want more, and that’s when you check out the caption for the full story.

A great caption can turn a cute but basic pic into an amazing Instagram post that captivates your followers and pulls in all the likes, shares, and comments you can imagine. Whether you’re an influencer, a marketer, or just someone who loves the social aspect of social media, that engagement on your post is the ultimate reward.

To help you craft the perfect caption for any Instagram post, we’ve pulled together some of the top Instagram captions of 2022 that you can tweak or upcycle for your own posts.

Brief Instagram user’s activity report


How to See Someone’s Instagram Without an Account?

Are you trying to check out an Instagram profile but can’t because you don’t have an account? Don’t worry! Check out our article to find out easy, effective, and free tools to view all Instagram profiles.


Are you dying to check out an influencer’s Instagram or do some light stalking of an acquaintance but don’t have an account? Previously you could simply Google someone’s Instagram and open the profile in your browser, however, since the latest Instagram update, this is no longer possible. To help you get around Instagram’s latest policy we are going to show you 4 creative ways to view anyone’s profile!

Now you know why you are glued to Instagram let’s look at 4 ways you can easily bypass Instagram’s new policy and view profiles without an account.

How To View Public Instagram Profiles Without An Account

While Instagram’s new policy of asking for login credentials every time you try to view a profile is annoying, it can be easily circumvented. Imginn is one of the most popular Instagram viewing tools. With this tool, you can quickly search for your favorite public 

Instagram profiles and instantly start browsing all of their latest photos. Imginn’s goal is to make all public Instagram content including photos, videos, and hashtags easily accessible information. With this tool, you can see public Instagram content and analytics for free and there is no need to sign up or share your details.

Image Source: Screenshot

To use Imginn just follow these steps and start checking out public Instagrams right now:

  1. Open your web browser – Imginn works on all browsers (Chrome, Safari) and all devices (Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows)
  2. Head to 
  3. Type in the name or hashtag you wish to search
  4. You will be able to see different Instagram profiles, click on the correct one
  5. The Instagram profile will open and you can see the person’s content including all of their photos!

We recommend Imginn to view public Instagram profiles because it is completely free, easy to use, and does not require any signup. Try it out now and view that content you have been dying to see!

How To View Private Instagram Profiles Without An Account

Most tools advertised on the internet that claim to be able to break into Instagram accounts and reveal messages are fake. However, there is some legit private Instagram viewer 3rd party software that actually works.

This spyware can be used to view private Instagram accounts and even lets you view messages and private stories. To use these apps you must install it on a person’s device and then it runs in the background in stealth mode. Once installed you can remotely view all of the person’s activity on Instagram even if they have a private account.

To use spyware to view private Instagram profiles without an account just follow these steps:

  1. Open the provider’s website
  2. Click “Get Started
  3. Choose the version of the device you wish to monitor
  4. Enable iCloud backup on the person’s device you want to monitor
  5. Enter Apple ID and password
  • Tap “Download”
  • Click “OK” to confirm
  1. Choose the correct iPhone device and click “Proceed”
  2. The app will open and you can configure the settings
  3. To view Instagram activity open your dashboard and click the Instagram icon on the menu on the left of the screen.
  4. To view Instagram messages click the chat icon.

This is incredibly easy to install and only takes a few minutes! Remember to view a private Instagram without an account you must enable iCloud backup on the target’s phone and know their Apple ID login. If you want to track an Android follow the same steps as above but disable Play Protect in Google Play.

How To Read Instagram Stories Without An Account

Are you looking for a way to check out amazing Instagram stories but you don’t have an account or don’t want to log in? Well, luckily there are lots of different online tools you can use to not only view the latest Instagram stories but download them too!

Instagram stories are photos or videos that are published on Instagram that expire after 24 hours. Stories are used to capture what someone is up to in a single day and have that exclusive feel to them as they are temporary. Due to their temporary nature, it is no surprise that so many Instagram users are dying to check them out and get an insider’s peek into people’s lives. 

Many people don’t want to view Instagram stores from their own accounts because the publisher can see everyone who checked it out. According to privacy researchers at CellTrackingApps, to maintain your privacy you can view Instagram stories anonymously and without having an account by using an awesome online tool, StoriesIg!

Image Source: Screenshot

StoriesIg is specially designed to allow you to view all Instagram stories anonymously and directly from your browser without ever having to log into your account. The benefits of using StoriesIg include:

  • Completely free
  • No sign up required
  • No need to download anything!
  • Simple to use
  • Completely anonymous
  • Allows you to download Instagram stories

To use StoriesIg just follow these steps:

  1. Open your web browser – StoriesIg works on all browsers (Chrome, Safari) and all devices (Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows)
  2. Navigate to 
  3. Enter Instagram username and hit search
  4. Now you will be able to see all of the Instagram stories that have been published in the last 24 hours
  5. Click download next to the story to download and store it on your device

If you are looking for a free and reliable tool that lets you instantly check out your favorite influencer’s Instagram stories then check out StoriesIg now!

How To See How Many Followers Someone On Instagram Without An Account

Let’s face it in this day and age the number of followers you have is social currency! Unfortunately with Instagram’s latest update, it has become tricky to keep an eye on how many followers someone has and who is the latest up and coming influencer without logging in or having an account. 

To stay informed and always know how many followers someone’s Instagram profile has, you can use a variety of different free tools. One of the top-rated Instagram follower viewer tools is getinsfollowers.

Image Source: Screenshot

This amazing tool allows you to instantly view exactly how many followers an Instagram account has without having to log in or even own an account. 

To use getinsfollowers just follow these steps:

  1. Open your device’s browser – This tool is available on all devices including Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows, and works on all browsers including Chrome and Safari
  2. Open
  3. Click “get Instagram followers”
  4. Type in Instagram username in the search bar
  5. Instantly view how many followers the account has, how many profiles they follow, and their number of posts!

We recommend getinsfollowers for the following reasons:

  • Completely free – never pay anything!
  • No download required
  • Instant and simple to use
  • 100% safe

If you don’t have an Instagram account but want to know exactly how many followers someone has then use getinsfollwers now and find out instantly!

Bonus Tool – See Anyone’s Instagram Activity

If you’d also like to see what your target has been liking or viewing on Instagram, then Snoopreport is a perfect tool for you. It lets you receive detailed statistics and reports about your target’s Instagram activities. It shows data like:

  • Posts they’ve liked
  • How many different users they’ve liked
  • The most popular user – the person whose images they liked the most

Here’s how to use Snoopreport:

  1. Create an account and log in
  2. Open your Snoopreport dashboard
  3. Click on ‘’add account’’
  4. Once the account has been added, you can see the user’s detailed statistics

Snoopreport offers the most detailed and accurate statistics compared to its competitors. The setup process takes less than 2 minutes, the dashboard is clean and well-organized, and it’s also quite affordable.

Bottom Line

Instagram is always coming up with new ways to entice new users to sign up and keep existing users engaged in the app. With their latest update, you can no longer simply open an Instagram profile via your browser as Instagram will attempt to force you to log in. Fortunately, thanks to our guide you can still view Instagram profiles without an account by using our recommended tools!

To check out a public Instagram profile you can’t go wrong with Imginn. If you want to just quickly view Instagram stories then StoriesIg is an amazing tool, while if you want to monitor follower count getinsfollowers is highly effective. All of these tools are instant, free, and require no download.

If you want to view private Instagram profiles and even view someone’s messages you are going to need some more heavy-duty software. We recommend third-party spyware, which, once installed on your target’s device, allows you to see all of their Instagram activity including messages, photos, stories, and followings even if their profile is private!

How to Use Instagram Follower Tracker

Social media is a world of endless possibilities. Businesses have been built and broken on their social content and social media followings. We’ve all witnessed people rising from being a run-of-the-mill amateur content creator to an influencer of the highest regard. How do you grow your presence in a strategic and steady way, though?

There’s no shortage of tips and tricks for growing your presence on Instagram and other social platforms, but your strategies will be more effective if you’re using the right tools along the way. One of the most underused yet powerful types of tools is the Instagram follower tracker. Let’s take a closer look at these tools and how you can use them to grow your social media success.

Brief of Instagram user’s activity provided by Snoopreport

What Is an Instagram Follower Tracker?

An Instagram follower tracker is a specialized tool that gives you valuable insights into your followers.


Best Way to Know Who Follows Who on Instagram

Technology provides a unique window into people, whether they’re people you’ve known your entire life or people you’ve just met (or haven’t met in person). Think about what you can learn about someone from seeing who they follow on Instagram, for example. You learn who they’ve recently become acquainted with, what their interests are, what their aesthetic may be, and so on.

Of course, finding out that information isn’t always as easy as a few clicks. Let’s take a closer look at why you might want to see who follows who and how to get the data you want about who’s following who.

Instagram activity report digest provided by Snoopreport

Why Might You Want to Know Who Follows Who?

People use Instagram to keep track of the people in their lives and do business-related research, among of purposes. Why might it be helpful to know who follows who? There are many reasons, in fact.


Is There an Instagram Tracker Tool for Likes and Follows?

If you’re trying to use Instagram to get to know someone better, you might be sorely disappointed. Sure, you can learn a lot from a person’s Instagram posts, but you can also learn a lot from their other activity – what posts they like, for example, and what accounts they’ve recently followed. That information isn’t as easy to find as you might hope, though.

What does Instagram tell you about likes and follows and what is it missing? Is there an Instagram tracker that fills in those missing pieces?

@melisshess’s activity report summary

What Does Instagram Lack for Tracking Likes and Follows?

It’s important to remember that Instagram is a for-profit app. In fact, it makes about $20 billion per year. To allow them to make money selling advertising using their direct data, they keep a lot of data hidden behind the scenes. Let’s take a look at the key information about likes and follows that you won’t find on Instagram.


The Best Instagram Online Tracker

Social media is touted as the online destination where you can learn everything there is to know about someone. That’s not always true. You may be able to find out a lot from a person’s posts, but there’s so much more that lies in their other activity like the posts and accounts they interact with most. And if the person you want to learn about doesn’t post much, you’re in the dark.

Instagram online tracker Snoopreport

That’s why Instagram online trackers are so popular. They give you a way to get insights into people through their basic Instagram activity in a discreet way. Of course, there are plenty of Instagram trackers out there, so which one is the best fit for you? Let’s take a look at the industry-wide winner and why it’s such a trusted and valuable resource.

What Is the Best Instagram Online Tracker?

Among the many Instagram activity trackers available today, each with its own features, goals, and challenges, one stands out above the rest: Snoopreport.

Snoopreport is a straightforward and easy-to-use Instagram activity tracker that gives you a treasure trove of information about the Instagram accounts you’re tracking. There’s a reason it has earned and maintained the trust of 26,000+ users.


How to Track an Instagram Account

A person’s Instagram account can be a fantastic window into their interests, activities, and motivations. Whether you’re trying to get to know someone better, protecting your trust for someone, or doing powerful market research, Instagram tracking is an effective tool.

But how do you get started with this tracking? There are three key ways to track an Instagram account: manually, with a spyware app, or with Snoopreport. Let’s take a closer look at how to use each of these strategies and the pros and cons they each carry.

@rhiannonjoel Instagram activity review provided by Snoopreport

How to Track an Instagram Account Manually

There’s a reason why there are so many Instagram tracking apps and tools available: because Instagram doesn’t have a built-in way to keep watch over an account’s activity. There isn’t a straightforward way to do this, but the steps below can help you hack together some data.


How to See Someone’s Likes on Instagram (In Secret!)

Instagram is a unique part of the social media landscape. On one hand, it’s image-based so it’s a great way to get literal snapshots of a person’s life, including the people they spend time with and the way they choose to spend their time. You can learn a lot about people from those snapshots.

Snoopreport Instagram user activity report digest

On the other hand, Instagram hides a lot of information that other social media platforms would show, probably as a way to safeguard their ad revenue. One particularly useful piece of information that Instagram keeps hidden is the posts that a user likes.

How can you figure out how to see someone’s likes on Instagram, especially without them knowing? Why would you want to do this in the first place? Let’s look at what you can learn from Instagram likes and how you can see them anonymously.