5 Best Instagram Story Viewers That Work

Instagram stories are one of the most popular types of media posted to Instagram, and they can be a great way to keep up with people you know and the latest happenings in their lives. But there’s one catch that frustrates everyone who prefers some privacy in their Instagram online activity: users can see that you viewed their stories.

Interestingly, Instagram doesn’t do this for traditional posts, only for stories. What if you want to watch someone’s stories without them knowing? For example, what if you don’t know the user very well and or you haven’t spoken to them in a long time so it would be awkward for them to see your name pop up?

That’s why there are anonymous Instagram story viewer tools that allow you to watch anyone’s public stories without the user knowing.

Top 5 Instagram Story Viewer Tools

Instead of viewing Instagram stories while you’re logged into your Instagram account, an Instagram viewer tool allows you to stay anonymous while you watch and browse. There are plenty of story viewers out there, but these are the five best to try.

5. Dumpor

With Dumpor’s web tool, you can use any web browser to view public Instagram accounts’ stories and posts. You’ll be able to see their entire profile including their followers, the accounts they follow, and posts in which they are tagged. You can even download any of their posts and stories so you can view them even after their stories disappear in 24 hours.

Keep in mind that this tool doesn’t work for private accounts. You’ll be able to see the account, but the posts, stories, and other details will be blocked.

4. StoriesDown

 StoriesDown is a web-based Instagram viewer much like Dumpor. This allows you to view any public Instagram account and the account’s stories and posts anonymously without an Instagram account. You don’t even need the Instagram app or a new app installed on your phone.

With StoriesDown, simply search the username for the account you want to view and it will show you the profile’s posts and stories. You can download the stories and posts in high resolution on your device as well. Be advised, though, that this particular viewer can be a bit slow to load posts.

3. Anon IG Viewer

Anon IG Viewer isn’t only an anonymous way to view stories, but it’s entirely free to use. Like the other tools on this list, you’re viewing profiles from a web browser so you’re not logged into Instagram. This means that even if the person has a tool that shows them who is viewing their Instagram profile, your name won’t appear.

You’ll be able to download posts and stories as well using Anon IG Viewer. Keep in mind, though, that you can only see stories that are currently active: those from the past 24 hours. You won’t be able to see old or deleted stories, nor will you be able to see deleted posts.

2. Storistalker

Storistalker is a bit different from the previous Instagram viewers on our list. It lets you anonymously view stories, profiles, and posts in your web browser but it also has Instagram monitoring capabilities. It lets you track specific Instagram uses and see posts they like, changes to their accounts, comments they post, and so on.

Storistalker is also unique because it lets you view deleted posts and deleted stories. It’s also different because you can only view a user’s posts without registering for a Storistalker account. You’ll need an account to see their stories, deleted posts, likes, and other content.

Of course, the added abilities of Storistalker come at a price. The tool has three plans, all for short-term account monitoring. Their plans range from three to fifteen days.

1. InstaStories

Unlike Storistalker, InstaStories is completely free to use and there’s no need to register with the site. You can anonymously see any stories, posts, and profiles you choose without an Instagram account or without installing the Instagram app.

InstaStories also gives you the ability to download any stories or posts you see. Like the other tools, though, it doesn’t allow you to see content from private accounts.

How to Get More Anonymous Instagram Activity Data

The top five Instagram story viewer tools are handy to have available, but there is a lot more you may want to know about an Instagram user besides their stories. For either personal or professional reasons, you might want to know what posts a user has been liking, what accounts the user has been interacting with most, who a user has recently followed, and more.

To get all that information in one place, there’s SnoopReport. SnoopReport is a respected Instagram activity tracker that gives you insights into users’ activities that you wouldn’t easily find on the app.

With SnoopReport, you can track any public Instagram profile, even if you don’t follow them or if you don’t have your own Instagram profile. You’ll receive weekly reports for each Instagram account you’re tracking, where you’ll see:

  • Posts the user has liked in the last week
  • Accounts whose posts the user has liked most often over the past week
  • Accounts that the user has followed over the past week and when they followed them
  • Hashtags that are most common in the posts the user likes
  • The user’s interests based on the topics in the posts that they’ve liked

All this information comes with one affordable monthly plan. SnoopReport offers three monthly packages depending on the number of accounts you want to track, starting at under $5 per month. Depending on the package you choose, you can track up to 100 accounts at the same time.

Best of all, SnoopReport is fully anonymous. The user won’t even know their account is being tracked. This is why SnoopReport and any of the Instagram story viewer tools above are a perfect combination.

To get started, explore SnoopReport today and start tracking any public Instagram account within minutes.