How to See Someone’s Likes on Instagram (In Secret!)

Instagram is a unique part of the social media landscape. On one hand, it’s image-based so it’s a great way to get literal snapshots of a person’s life, including the people they spend time with and the way they choose to spend their time. You can learn a lot about people from those snapshots.

Snoopreport Instagram user activity report digest

On the other hand, Instagram hides a lot of information that other social media platforms would show, probably as a way to safeguard their ad revenue. One particularly useful piece of information that Instagram keeps hidden is the posts that a user likes.

How can you figure out how to see someone’s likes on Instagram, especially without them knowing? Why would you want to do this in the first place? Let’s look at what you can learn from Instagram likes and how you can see them anonymously.

How to See Someone’s Instagram Likes

Before we look at the reason you could benefit from seeing someone’s likes, let’s answer the question at hand: how to see someone’s likes on Instagram. If a post that your friend has liked happens to appear on your newsfeed, Instagram will show you that they liked it. But there’s no way to see a gathering of the posts that a user has liked…at least, not on the Instagram app.

Instead, you’ll need to use a service like Snoopreport. Snoopreport is an online tool that monitors specific Instagram accounts you want to track. Each week, it sends you a report for those accounts that includes a list of all the posts they liked.

Snoopreport includes other helpful insights too. It shows you which users’ posts this person has liked most often in the past week, so you can see which users they’re interacting with most. You’ll also see any new accounts they’ve followed in the past week and the date and time when they followed them. On top of this, you’ll get a breakdown of the top hashtags that appear in the posts the person is liking and their topics of interest based on the posts they’ve liked.

Snoopreport allows you to see someone’s likes on Instagram

To get started with Snoopreport, follow these easy steps:

  1. Sign up for a Snoopreport account at
  2. Now that you’re logged into Snoopreport, purchase your pricing plan based on the number of accounts you want to monitor.
  3. From your dashboard, click “Add Account” and enter each Instagram account you want to monitor.
  4. Sit back, relax, and receive a weekly report on those Instagram users’ activity.

There may not be a way to see a user’s Instagram likes on the Instagram app itself, but fortunately, Snoopreport makes it quick, easy, and budget-friendly.

Why Might You Want to See Someone’s Instagram Likes?

There are many Instagram users who don’t post often, but still check all the user’s posts, spend plenty of time on the app liking and interacting with other posts. In cases like this, their Instagram profile doesn’t tell you much about them or their activity…unless you find a way to see their likes. There are several reasons you might want to see a user’s likes.

Get to Know a New Connection

Social media and other online platforms are among the top ways people meet each other today, whether you’re looking for romance or a friendship. When you first connect with someone new, their Instagram likes can help you learn more about them and their interests. Their Instagram activity can even help you decide if they’re someone you want to get to know better in person.

Keep Your Kids Safe

Kids are getting online at younger and younger ages, and every child or teenager needs some supervision to make sure they aren’t unknowingly interacting with dangerous people online.

User’s interest map

As a parent, watching the posts that your child likes can help you make sure they’re being safe online. It can also help you know if they’re involved with substances or activities that they shouldn’t be so you can protect them before the situation gets worse.

Find Out if You Can Trust a Significant Other

Relationship infidelity doesn’t just happen at bars and on work trips; it often happens online. If you are concerned that your significant other may not be trustworthy, peeking at their Instagram likes can give you helpful clues. You’ll be able to see if they’re interacting with people who may not have the best intentions.

Gather Business Development Ideas

Outside of personal reasons, many people have business-related reasons to want to know someone’s Instagram likes. For marketers and influencers, the key challenge is creating content that interests your target audience.

With Snoopreport, you can monitor up to 100 Instagram accounts that fit into your target audience so you can get insight into the type of content they enjoy. From there, you can craft content that fits their tastes in order to boost your engagement.

Why Might You Want to Remain Anonymous When Seeing Someone’s Instagram Likes?

Seeing someone’s Instagram likes is helpful, but you might not want them to know that you’re doing it. That’s why Snoopreport is fully confidential and it gives no indication to users that you’re monitoring them (or that anyone is monitoring them). There are several reasons this could be helpful.

View Authentic Activity

People tend to adjust their activity or behavior when they know they’re being watched, even if there are no real consequences in any case. If you’re trying to get genuine insights about a person, you don’t want them to know that anyone is watching.

Avoid Awkward Conversations

Everyone has their own reasons for wanting to know an Instagram user’s activity. The user’s likes are public information, so you aren’t violating their trust by using an Instagram tracker. Still, if the person knows you’re tracking them, they might try to infringe on your own privacy by wanting to know why. Confidentiality allows you to maintain your privacy.

Keep Your Business Development Operations Confidential

If you’re using Instagram likes to help you grow your business, you want to keep that strategy under wraps. You don’t want to give competitors a tip about your growth strategies, and your audience could misinterpret the reasons why you’re following them as well, so it’s best to remain anonymous.

Getting the Instagram Activity Data You Need Anonymously

Following a person’s Instagram likes is a fantastic way to get insight into their interests and their lifestyle, and the best way to get this information is using a confidential tool like Snoopreport. To get started learning how to see someone’s likes on Instagram, explore Snoopreport today.