Anonymous Instagram Viewer: How to See IG Posts in Secret

Social media is known throughout the world as one of the most revealing ways to get to know someone. The truth is, though, that some social media platforms aren’t as candid and open as we’d like them to be…namely, Instagram.

While there are some helpful details you can learn about a person from their Instagram profile, whether it’s for personal or business reasons, there’s a lot that remains hidden. Or worse, there are some types of activity that you can see on Instagram but the users can see that you’ve been looking at their content.

Fortunately, there are solutions designed for frustrated IG users like you. Let’s take a closer look at the information Instagram hides and how a secrete Instagram viewer can get around it.

What Instagram Activity Can You See Anonymously?

Let’s start with the good news: the types of Instagram activity you can view without the user knowing that you’ve seen it. In most cases, you’ll be able to anonymously see:

  • The user’s profile
  • Posts the user has published
  • Posts that other people have published in which they’ve tagged your “person of interest”
  • The user’s followers
  • Who the user follows

Of course, this is all assuming that the person has a public profile. If the user’s profile is private, all the information above is hidden unless you request to follow them and they approve your request.

What Activity Doesn’t Instagram Let You See Anonymously?

Now let’s move onto the bad news: the types of activity that Instagram hides or that you can only view if the user sees that you’re viewing it. There are three particular types of activity you’ll miss out on:

  • Stories — You can view any public user’s Instagram stories, but they can see that you’ve viewed them. This is an aspect of Instagram that’s unique to stories, and to many, it feels like an invasion of privacy to expose your viewing to the user who posted the story.
  • Post likes — Technically, the posts that a user likes are public information. If you click on a random post on your newsfeed, you can see a list of the users who have liked it. But Instagram doesn’t compile this for individual users. In other words, if you’re checking up on someone on Instagram, there’s nowhere you can go to see a list or board of the posts they’ve liked.
  • Follow activity — This is another unique situation. If you go to a public user’s profile, you can see a list of everyone they follow and everyone who follows them. You can’t, however, see when they began following each person.

Why Might You Want to Secretly See Someone’s Instagram Posts and Activity?

After looking at all the types of Instagram activity you can and cannot see anonymously, we come to the obvious question: why? Why might you want to see a person’s stories anonymously, see what posts they’ve liked or interacted with, and so on?

There are plenty of reasons for this. First, you might want to keep tabs on someone without allowing them to know that you’re keeping your eye out. For example, they might be an ex, an old friend, or someone else that you’ve lost touch with even though you still want to know what’s going on in their life.

Second, parents often want to keep an eye on their kids and teens who are using Instagram. They want to make sure that their kids aren’t posting or interacting online in age-inappropriate ways, but they know that if their kids know they’re watching, they’ll find ways to sneak around instead.

Third, many people in relationships want to know what their significant others are doing online and who they’re interacting with. This can help you feel more trusting of your significant other (or find out whether you can trust them).

Why Might a Business or Influencer Want to See Someone’s Instagram Activity Secretly?

When you think about using an Instagram stories viewer or checking up on Instagram activity, most people assume it’s used for personal reasons. That’s common, but businesses and influencers often want to use this information too.

Getting the inside scoop on a user’s Instagram activity allows marketers and influencers to learn more about members of their target audience. They can learn more about the way their target audience uses Instagram and what types of content they’re interested in. All this adds up to make it easier for influencers and businesses to appeal to their audience and create content that attracts the right users.

How Can You Start Viewing Secret Instagram Activity Anonymously?

Knowing what you can do with secretive Instagram information and how much information you’re missing out on, the natural next question is: how can you get the information that’s missing? You’re in luck because there are tools built for exactly this purpose.

In particular, SnoopReport is designed to give you an inside peek into users’ Instagram activity. For each Instagram account you choose to watch, SnoopReport shows you:

  • Posts the user has liked
  • Which accounts’ posts the user has liked most often
  • New accounts the user has followed and the date and time when they began following them
  • Hashtags that appear frequently in the posts the user likes
  • The user’s interests, based on the topics that they seem to interact with most

The best part of SnoopReport is that it’s entirely anonymous. You can receive all the data above about any Instagram user with a public account, all without following them, and they are not notified that you’re viewing their activity.

How to Start Using SnoopReport’s Secret Instagram Viewer

Viewing Instagram activity under the veil of secrecy is easier than you might expect. Follow these simple steps to get started with SnoopReport:

  1. Sign up for a SnoopReport account.
  2. Choose a SnoopReport plan depending on the number of accounts you want to follow and make your purchase.
  3. Click “add account” to add any Instagram accounts you want to track.
  4. Sit back, relax, and start receiving weekly activity reports for the accounts you’re tracking.

For a sneak-peek into SnoopReport, check out a quick tutorial video:

Using Instagram Viewer Tools to Your Advantage

Whether you’re an influencer, a marketer, or just someone who’s curious for personal reasons, an anonymous Instagram viewer like SnoopReport puts the knowledge you need in your hands. Get started with SnoopReport today to see it for yourself.