How To See Someone’s Instagram Activity Without Installing Apps Or Providing Access To Your Own Account

There are plenty of reasons why you might need to see another person’s Instagram activity, whether you’re struggling to trust a partner due to their suspicious social media activity, looking to target your own social media following with content that interests them or are looking to learn a little more about close friends and family in order to improve your relationships and friendships.

It used to be fairly easy to see this sort of activity without any additional help, thanks to the Instagram ‘following activity’ tab, which showed you the activity of those that you follow on Instagram. For instance, you could easily see who these accounts were following, what photos they were liking, what comments they had been posting, etc.

However, since the removal of the Instagram ‘following activity’ tab a couple of years ago, this is no longer the case. These days, your access to another person’s Instagram activity is limited to viewing which accounts they are following and which accounts are following them – and even then, there is no chronology to this information to tell you when these followings happened.

With this in mind, how do you see someone else’s Instagram activity in 2021? And is it possible to do this without installing an app on their phone or granting an app access to your own account?

The good news is that yes, it is! Read on to find out more.

Method One: Installing An App On Their Phone

This method is commonly used by those who are looking to monitor the social media use of one particular person, usually someone that they know very well – perhaps by parents, looking for a little more insight into the social media use of their children or by partners who have had their suspicions raised about what their significant others are really doing on social media.

It generally involves the installation of an app onto the phone of the user in questions. There are several reasons why this isn’t exactly the best way to go about monitoring someone’s social media use.

First of all, you’ll need access to that person’s phone for a good amount of time in order to install the app. In the case of a parent looking to monitor the social media use of their child, this may be fairly easy. However, if you’re looking to install the app onto your partner’s phone, you’ll need to get their phone first – then you’ll need to know how to get it unlocked and keep the phone for long enough to get the app set-up.

Needless to say, this is no easy task.

At the end of all this effort, these apps don’t generally return too much data, either – and can be sussed out by your target user fairly easily. With that in mind, it’s certainly not the best way to go about it.

Method Two: Grant Access To Your Own Account

Certain apps and websites will allow you to monitor the activity of users that you follow yourself – however, the return isn’t exactly fantastic and you’ll need to hand over access to your own account first.

There are several problems with this situation. First of all, you have no way of knowing whether or not the app/website is safe or legitimate – you may find that all they really want access to your account for is to gather and sell your own user data.

Secondly, this can be traced back to you fairly easily if one of your targeted users were to catch on – and if that happens, you’ll find your own account reported and banned by Instagram pretty quickly.

After all this, even the most legitimate of these apps and websites – once again – don’t return a great amount of data back to you.

It’s another brick wall in this case!

Method Three: Snoopreport!

 The answer to all the problems above is Snoopreport!

SnoopReport allows you to easily access and monitor the social media activity of any Instagram user, all without linking the site to their account or doing anything that will raise suspicion with the user that their activity is being watched.

All you need to do to get started with Snoopreport is to select the plan that you would like to use. There are currently three available – personal, small business and professional. Another huge benefit of Snoopreport over the other methods we’ve spoken about is that the other methods allow you to track just one account at a time, whilst even Snoopreport’s personal plan allows you to track two!

Once you’ve signed up, all you need to do is input the username of the account that you are looking to track. You do not need to provide Snoopreport with any access to your own account in order to do this – not even your Instagram name – and the account that you are monitoring will not receive any notification that this is happening.

You will then begin to receive weekly reports of your monitored users’ Instagram activity! Not just the users that they have recently followed, but also the photos that they have liked and which user received the most likes from them, the comments they have been leaving, the category that they have been interacting with on Instagram the most and even a ranked list of the top users that they interact with the most.

You can even look back through the reports of previous weeks to see how this activity changes over time, too!

Overall, Snoopreport is – with no contest – the best way to track the Instagram activity of any Instagram user in a way that is safe, legitimate, does not require installing any apps or require you to hand over any access to your account. It also returns by far the most detailed data of any activity monitoring solution.

Put your mind at rest without compromising your own security. Start monitoring your targeted users with Snoopreport today.