How To See Other People’s Likes On Instagram

Social media has given us a new way to get to know friends, family, and our favorite celebrities.  Whereas in the past you had to scour the tabloids to learn your favorite singer’s likes, dislikes, and interests, social media apps like Instagram give you a deeper insight into what their life is actually like on a day-to-day basis.

But while what someone posts on Instagram says a lot about them, you can learn even more by the posts that they like, follow, and comment on.  

Unfortunately, Instagram removed their ‘following’ activity tab in 2019, so users have been left blind as to how to see other people’s likes on Instagram.

Luckily for those Instagram users who are curious to learn more about their friends, family, and celebrity idols, there’s an easy way to see likes on Instagram of others. Snoopreport is an Instagram Activity Tracker that shows you someone’s Instagram activity that you can’t see in the app itself.  We’ll go over how this easy-to-use tracker can allow you to see someone’s likes on Instagram and the other benefits you’ll get from Snoopreport.

How To See What People Liked On Instagram

There are a few scam methods out there that claim to show you how to see other people’s likes on Instagram, but Snoopreport is the real deal.  As of 2021, Snoopreport is believed to be the only legitimate Instagram user activity tracking tool that actually works.  Over 26,000 users subscribe to one of SnoopReport’s plans, which cater to both personal, small business, and professional purposes.

Whether you’re a parent trying to keep track of your kids’ Instagram or you’re a small business owner trying to get insight into a key group of clients, there’s a plan for you.  Get started by selecting from one of our three monthly plans based on the number of accounts you’re looking to track.

Choose Who To Track

Once you’ve signed up for a plan, you can head to the Snoopreport Dashboard to access activity reports of the accounts you’re tracking.  Add accounts by entering in their Instagram username, then watch as Snoopreport compiles a data report based on the last 12 weeks of activity.  And don’t worry—they can’t see that you’re tracking them!

Access Data Reports

Snoopreport compiles a whole host of information about someone’s Instagram activity in an easy-to-read report.  You can browse someone’s Instagram activity by week or by month.  These data reports include that person’s total number of likes and follows for the time period selected.  It also shows you the total number of users that that person liked, including which of those users were verified (recognized influencers, celebrities, or businesses).

The activity report also shows you who that person’s favorite user is, meaning the account whose posts they liked the most.  You can then see the accounts whose posts they liked the second most, then third most, and so on and so forth.  This can give you valuable insight into who they interact with the most on Instagram.

Not only can you see what people liked on Instagram, but you can also see what hashtags they liked the most, i.e. #fitness or #painting.  This gives you a better idea of the kind of content that they look at and what their general interests are.  The activity report even breaks down likes into photos vs. videos, further informing you as to the activity of the accounts you follow.

Why Do I Want To See Someone’s Likes On Instagram?

There are plenty of reasons to want to see someones likes on Instagram.  The photos and videos we decide to post are only one part of the picture that social media paints of us.  This is the part of ourselves that we choose to show to the world, the carefully curated idea of ourselves that we feel comfortable presenting.  Our likes, however, reveal who we truly are—they show the things we seek out on Instagram and engage with.

Get to know your friends’ interests

One excellent benefit of using Snoopreport to see likes on Instagram of others is to get to know more about your friend’s interests.  If you’re looking for an anniversary present for your partner, check out what pictures they’ve been liking on Instagram to see what they might be interested in.  This is a great way to get them a gift you know they’ll like while still making it a surprise.

Learn more about your favorite celebrities

We all love celebrity gossip, but you never really know if what you read in the tabloids is true or not.  By using Snoopreport to see someone’s likes on Instagram, you can be closer to your favorite celebrity and get insights about their lifestyle.  You can even learn what time they’re usually active on Instagram, which can make it easier to get a response the next time you drop a comment on their latest selfie.

Keep an eye on your kids

Social media has introduced a whole new area of interest for anxious parents looking to monitor their kids. Snoopreport thankfully gives you the peace of mind to know what your kids are doing online by allowing you to see what people liked on Instagram.  Put your mind at ease by tracking your childrens’ likes and follows on Instagram to ensure their online safety.

Get Started With Snoopreport Today

If you’re looking for how to see other people’s likes on Instagram, look no further.  Snoopreport gives you the means to see someone’s likes on Instagram so that you can better get to know the people you care about.  Sign up today and get started with one of our three-tier plans!