How to Use an Instagram Activity Tracker

Instagram is packed full of great features. It’s a terrific way to keep up with your friends and family members through posts, stories, and videos, and who doesn’t love playing with filters?

For all the positive features, though, Instagram still leaves a few things to be desired. Most notably, it’s lacking a lot of information about your friends’ activity, like their post likes.  This can be incredibly valuable information for a variety of purposes, and if you want to access it, your only hack-free option is an Instagram activity tracker.

Why Might You Need an Instagram Activity Tracker?

The information that Instagram offers about users’ activity might be fine for most circumstances like casual acquaintances, but there are plenty of personal and business-related situations in which you want more data. In particular, most people who use an Instagram profile activity tracker are using it for one of these three scenarios:

Monitoring Your Child’s Social Media Activity

If you have a child or teen using Instagram and other social media, it’s crucial to keep an eye on their accounts to make sure they aren’t interacting with age-inappropriate content or putting themselves at risk. With an activity tracker, you can see the posts they’ve liked and the users they interact with so you can watch out for red flags or potential predators.

Researching Your Target Audience

If you’re a business or influencer, your top goal is to create Instagram content your target audience will love. How can you do that if you can’t see what types of posts your audience engages with, though? That’s where an Instagram online activity tracker comes in handy. It takes the guesswork out of your content creation.

Rebuilding Trust

Trust is essential in an important relationship like one with your significant other, but trust doesn’t come easily. If you’re on rocky ground after infidelity or another trust-breaking issue, an Instagram activity tracker can show you in black and white whether your partner is engaging in ways they shouldn’t be. For some, this is also helpful at the beginning of a relationship to see if this person is worthy of your trust and your time.

How to Use an Instagram Activity Log, Step by Step

If you want a peek into someone’s Instagram activity for any of the reasons above or for other purposes, here’s the good news: the SnoopReport Instagram activity tracker is incredibly easy to use. Just follow these simple steps:

1.    Create a SnoopReport Account

Go to and create your account with a few clicks of the keyboard.

2.    Choose Your Plan

To cater to everyone’s needs, SnoopReport offers a variety of plans and packages. The prices for these plans will vary based on the number of Instagram accounts you want to track at any given time. They range from two to 100 accounts, so choose the one that fits your budget and your purpose.

3.    Select the Users to Follow

With your account set up and your plan purchased, just find and select the users you want to track. If you’re a business or influencer aiming to learn more about your target audience, you can look through your followers or other Instagram users to identify those that fit your key audience.

4.    Start Receiving Weekly Reports

Once you’ve selected the accounts to follow, you’re all set: you’ll start receiving weekly reports about each person’s Instagram activity. You’ll be able to view up to twelve weeks of activity reports at a time.

Yes, that’s all you have to do – it’s actually that easy! Within a matter of minutes, you can set up everything you need to see data such as the posts a user has liked, the users whose posts they like most often, the users they’ve recently followed and when they followed them, the hashtags they seem to respond to most often, and more. And you get it all without trying to sneak in to anyone’s phone, find their password, install snoop apps on their phone, or any other hacking.

To take advantage of an Instagram activity tracker, learn more about SnoopReport and set up your account to get started today.