How to Check Instagram Activity Like a Pro

Social media has turned every average Joe and Jane into a semi-professional sleuth. It’s earned a reputation for being a highly visible medium where you can find out just about anything you want to know about someone.

When it comes to Instagram, though, there is more hidden data than you may realize.

Sure, you can see a user’s pictures and videos, but you can’t see much about their own activity and interaction with other users. This is often the most important information when you’re trying to, for example, analyze your target audience for your business, make sure your child is interacting safely, or even keep an eye on your significant other to make sure they’re staying faithful.

Let’s take a closer look at what data Instagram shows you, what it doesn’t show, and how to check Instagram activity like a pro.

What Activity Information Can You Find on Instagram?

When you view a user’s profile on Instagram, it only shows you minimal information about their activity. Besides the user’s posts, you can readily see:

  • Who they follow
  • What other users are following them
  • Posts that other users have tagged them in

You can also see whether or not a user is currently online, but only if you’ve direct messaged them or they’ve direct messaged you. This information is only available in your DM inbox, and if the user is active at the moment, they’ll have a green dot on their picture.

How to Check Instagram Activity Beyond the Basics

Clearly, the data that Instagram readily provides is very limited and it leaves some key gaps. For example, you can’t see information like what posts they’ve liked, whose posts they’re liking, their most recent follows, and so on.

This could be highly valuable information if you want to spy on your business’s competitors, see what other influencers are up to, and even use it as a parent control tool.

Depending on what you’re trying to learn about this person, that could be important data to have. Fortunately, you have options beyond giving up altogether or training yourself to become a master hacker to get the information you want.

Using an Instagram Activity Report

An Instagram activity report is the simplest trick for how to check likes on Instagram. The Snoopreport service, for example, will give you data such as:

  • Posts the person has liked
  • Users whose posts the person is liking most often
  • The users they’ve recently started following and when they followed them (down to the minute)
  • The most common hashtags that appear in the posts they like
  • Their top interests based on their recent activity

SnoopReport offers all of this data on a weekly basis so you can see the latest trends and shifts in the person’s activity.

How to Start Using SnoopReport

The best part about learning how to check an Instagram activity log with Snoopreport is how easy it is to use. It’s a quick, smooth, and discreet process.

First, create an account on SnoopReport. You can also browse the site to get a better idea of how your reports will look.

Second, choose and purchase your monthly plan. Each plan lets you follow different numbers of users, so there are options to fit anyone’s purpose.

After you’ve bought your report, just find the users you want to track and you’ll start getting weekly reports about their likes, follows, and other activity. It’s that simple! The users aren’t aware that you’re tracking their activity because there is no link between your Instagram account and your SnoopReport account.

Who Can I Track on SnoopReport?

Part of the beauty of SnoopReport is that it allows you to check nearly anyone’s activity. While it doesn’t track private accounts, it allows you to see data for any public account including celebrities and people you don’t even follow.

All the Data, None of the Hacking

When it comes to your options for how to check Instagram activity for another user, SnoopReport offers something so few options do: the ability to safely and discreetly follow users’ activities on Instagram from a distance. There’s no need to install an app on their phone, get their log-in information, or use other difficult strategies to learn about your audience or keep an eye on the important people in your life.

To get started, create an account or shop our Snoopreport plans today.