Is There an Instagram Tracker Tool for Likes and Follows?

If you’re trying to use Instagram to get to know someone better, you might be sorely disappointed. Sure, you can learn a lot from a person’s Instagram posts, but you can also learn a lot from their other activity – what posts they like, for example, and what accounts they’ve recently followed. That information isn’t as easy to find as you might hope, though.

What does Instagram tell you about likes and follows and what is it missing? Is there an Instagram tracker that fills in those missing pieces?

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What Does Instagram Lack for Tracking Likes and Follows?

It’s important to remember that Instagram is a for-profit app. In fact, it makes about $20 billion per year. To allow them to make money selling advertising using their direct data, they keep a lot of data hidden behind the scenes. Let’s take a look at the key information about likes and follows that you won’t find on Instagram.

A List of Liked Posts

When someone likes a post, it’s technically publicly visible information. If the post appears in your feed, you’ll be able to see that the person liked in. What’s missing, though, is a compiled list of the posts that any given Instagram user has liked. There’s no way on Instagram to get a full view of all of a person’s liked posts.

In fact, you can’t even see a list of the posts you’ve liked. This is quite limiting whether you’re trying to keep an eye on a loved one’s activity, research your target audience, get to know a new friend, and so on.

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A Timeline of Follows

Unlike post likes, Instagram does allow you to see a list of all the accounts that a person follows. There’s a catch, though. All you see is a list of the accounts they currently follow, listed in random order. You don’t see which of those follows were most recent or how long they’ve followed each account.

This holds you back because accounts that the person followed years ago probably aren’t very relevant to them today. Plus, you have no way of seeing trends. For example, maybe the person went through a foodie phase several years ago and followed a lot of foodie accounts, but lately they’ve been interested in home improvement content and have followed accounts related to that topic. With Instagram’s undated list, you have no way of knowing that home improvement is the person’s key interest today.

Summary Data of Likes and Follows

Along with missing a list of all a person’s likes and a dated list of the accounts they follow, Instagram is also missing a general summary of recent activity. You can see what the person posted and when, but you can’t see any other information about their activity. If they haven’t posted in a while, it could mean they’re just interacting with other content instead of posting their own, or it could mean they’ve stopped using Instagram entirely.

Is There an Instagram Tracker for Likes and Follows?

Knowing that all this valuable information is kept hidden on Instagram, is there another way to find it? Yes, fortunately, there is! You can use an Instagram tracker to monitor a person’s Instagram activity behind the scenes and compile a list of their likes and follows.

There are actually many Instagram trackers available today that track different types of data. You’ll see many trackers that monitor and analyze following data, but they don’t give you any information about post likes.

There are also spyware tools that show you a mirror image of a person’s Instagram to give you insider access to private aspects of their Instagram account like their DMs. With these tools, though, remember that the user can’t even see their own likes, so these apps don’t typically give you that data either.

The Ultimate Instagram Tracker for Likes and Follows: Snoopreport

Snoopreport stands above other Instagram trackers because it specifically gives you the relevant and practical information you’re looking for about likes and follows. When you track an Instagram account with Snoopreport, you’ll receive a report each week that includes:

  • All the posts the user has liked that week
  • An organized view of the accounts whose posts this person has liked most often
  • A list of the new accounts the person followed that week
  • The top hashtags that appear most often in the posts this person has liked
  • The person’s top interested based on the content they interact with

While all of that is available at a glance in your initial report, you can also download the data from the weekly report to get even more details. You’ll be able to see exactly when each of the person’s likes and follows took place.

What Are the Benefits of Snoopreport’s Data on Likes and Follows?

Why does it matter what posts a person is liking or who they’ve followed most recently? Every Snoopreport subscriber has their own reasons for monitoring specific Instagram accounts, but to name a few, seeing a complete list of recent likes and follows can allow you to:

  • Pick up on recent trends in the person’s Instagram activity
  • See who the person interacts with most on Instagram
  • Learn what type of content interests the person
  • Find out who the person finds to be most relevant today by seeing their recent follows

For business reasons or personal reasons, recent likes and follows can tell you a lot about a person and what interests them, and Snoopreport is the most efficient way to get that information.

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How to Get Started with Snoopreport Instagram Tracking

If you’re ready to start learning about all that information you’ve been missing, you can begin collecting data in minutes with Snoopreport. Just sign up for a Snoopreport account and purchase the plan you want, depending on the number of Instagram accounts you want to track. From there, simply input the handles for the accounts you want to track and voila! You’ll start receiving detailed activity reports each week. Try Snoopreport today to see the benefits for yourself.