The Best Instagram Online Tracker

Social media is touted as the online destination where you can learn everything there is to know about someone. That’s not always true. You may be able to find out a lot from a person’s posts, but there’s so much more that lies in their other activity like the posts and accounts they interact with most. And if the person you want to learn about doesn’t post much, you’re in the dark.

That’s why Instagram online trackers are so popular. They give you a way to get insights into people through their basic Instagram activity in a discreet way. Of course, there are plenty of Instagram trackers out there, so which one is the best fit for you? Let’s take a look at the industry-wide winner and why it’s such a trusted and valuable resource.

What Is the Best Instagram Online Tracker?

Among the many Instagram activity trackers available today, each with its own features, goals, and challenges, one stands out above the rest: Snoopreport.

Snoopreport is a straightforward and easy-to-use Instagram activity tracker that gives you a treasure trove of information about the Instagram accounts you’re tracking. There’s a reason it has earned and maintained the trust of 26,000+ users.

What Makes Snoopreport the Best Instagram Online Tracker?

Out of all the Instagram trackers, why does Snoopreport stand out among the rest? Rather than a singular standout feature, there are many features that make it unique among its kind and give it an edge over similar apps and tools.

1.    Practical, In-Depth Reporting

We’re starting with the most core benefit to Snoopreport and the reason you’re using an Instagram tracker in the first place: the information it offers. Snoopreport tracks several types of useful data that can be invaluable in understanding the person you’re monitoring and how they spend their time online.

Specifically, Snoopreport tracks:

  • Posts the user liked
  • Accounts whose posts the user likes most often
  • New accounts the user has followed
  • Top hashtags in the posts the user liked
  • The user’s top interests based on their Instagram activity

All this data comes in the same easily readable report every week.

2.    High Accuracy

There’s no point in having information if you can’t trust that the information is accurate and thorough. While there are always Instagram trackers disappearing from the scene and new ones popping up, Snoopreport has withstood the test of time for a reason. The data it offers is reliable, trustworthy, and complete so you know that what you’re seeing is the full picture.

3.    Quiet Discretion

There are plenty of reasons you might want to track someone’s Instagram activity, but in nearly every case, you don’t want them to know you’re doing it. Maybe you’re trying to see if you can trust them and you won’t know this unless their behavior is authentic. Or maybe you’re just trying to gather information for professional purposes so there’s no trust at stake, but you don’t want to open the door to an awkward situation.

In any case, Snoopreport can help you keep your monitoring under wraps. There’s no way for an Instagram user to know that you’re tracking them unless they would break into your email or your Snoopreport account. It’s clean, discreet, and private so you can get the information you need in peace.

4.    No Phone Access Needed

Most Instagram activity trackers require you to install spyware on the phone of the person you’re tracking. As you can imagine, this is usually a struggle. You’d need to find a time when the person leaves the room with their phone left behind, figure out their passcode or find another way to unlock their phone, and have several minutes to let the app install on their phone before they return.

Even after you’ve gone through all that, these apps leave you vulnerable to the person discovering that their activity is being tracked because they may stumble upon the app on their phone, even if it doesn’t have a visible icon. Snoopreport, on the other hand, skips all those struggles. There’s no need to access the person’s phone, install a spyware app, or worry about them discovering the app.

5.    Practicality for Many Uses

It’s clear that there are many reasons you might want to follow someone’s Instagram activity. Snoopreport is uniquely versatile enough to be useful in virtually all of those scenarios, and the tool is built with a variety of users in mind.

Likes report of tracked user

To name a few, Snoopreport is ideal for users such as:

  • Parents who want to see what accounts and content their kids are interacting with
  • Significant others who want to make sure they can trust each other
  • Marketers and influencers who want insights into their target audience and the types of content that audience likes
  • Anyone who recently met someone like a new friend or romantic interest and wants to know more about their interests
  • Business owners who want to keep tabs on their social media managers and the activity of their businesses’ Instagram pages
  • Individuals who want to track their own Instagram accounts to keep a list of the posts they’ve liked so they can refer back to them for resources like recipes and shopping links

All these groups can find the data they need easily and efficiently with Snoopreport.

6.    Variety of Economical Plan Options

Your budget is always a consideration to keep in mind, and luckily, Snoopreport doesn’t break the bank. It’s more economical than most other Instagram trackers, with plans starting at less than $5 per month to track up to two Instagram accounts. They offer three levels of plans so you can track up to 100 accounts at the same time.

7.    Easy Set-Up Process

No one has all the time in the world to deal with a cumbersome set-up process, so Snoopreport makes it as simple as it can be. Just follow these steps:

  • Sign up for a Snoopreport account.
  • Purchase the Snoopreport plan you want, depending on the number of Instagram accounts you want to track.
  • Click “add account” and type in the Instagram account you want to track. Repeat this for each account you want to track.

That’s it! Just sit back and start getting weekly activity reports for each account you’re tracking.

Users interests map provided by Snoopreport

Choosing the Best Instagram Online Tracker

Instagram monitoring can be an exceptional way to get valuable insights into important people in your life, target audience members, or even your favorite celebrities. No matter why you want to track an Instagram account, Snoopreport is the way to go.

Learn more about Snoopreport or sign up for an account today to get started.