Snoopreport for marketers and analysts: we let you use it for free!

Snoopreport keeps track of what users do on Instagram, what they like, comment and whom they follow. It’s the ultimate source of user insights.

Now you can study users behaviour on Instagram, their preferences, habits, research influencers e.t.c.

Snoopreport platform is the unique Instagram tool of it’s kind: Snoopreport monitors the user activity on Instagram as likes, comments and follows and provides it in handy weekly and monthly reports. You can sign up here:

We provide an easy-to-use simple PDF report as well as CSV report with all user actions and fields like posts captions, hashtags and geotags, direct media URLs for possible image recognition.

Right from the box you will able to:

  • research user insights
  • research influencers
  • research competitors Instagram strategy
  • research actively involved users   
  • research customer trends  
  • research possible brand switchers  
  • and many more 

See Snoopreport use cases for professional analytics here and here

Primarily Snoopreport will be helpful for brands and bloggers, marketers and analysts. That’s why we are ready to offer you to use Snoopreport for free!

If you’re interested, that’s what you should do:

1.Write us an e-mail with the the goals of your research, the number of users you want to monitor, the time of monitoring, what analytics methods you will apply and what output you plan to get 

There is an example of e-mail:

I would like to research (what exactly) with Snoopreport platform. I plan to monitor N users for N days/weeks/months. When I’ll get the reports, I’ll analyze them …(how), and I plan to get … as the results.

Important note: the number of monitored users should be no more than 500.  The free monitoring  time is limited with 1 month.

2. After we check your e-mail and approve the goals of monitoring, we’ll create an account with the balance sufficient for the monitoring of the required number of users for you. We reserve the right to refuse your request.

3. After the research completed, you commit yourself to

  • write one post on your blog or a social media page about the results of your research, the analytics programs and methods used and a piece of code as well (if it was some)
  • mention Snoopreport in this post
  • give us the right to publish your post in our blog as a use case

We’ll provide you free Instagram users monitoring and publish the results of your research with the link to your blog or social media so it could be beneficial for you too.

Don’t miss your opportunity to use our Snoopreport platform and get Instagram user activity stats and analytics for free! We are looking forward to your requests here: And don’t forget to sign up: