Why social media monitoring is important for your business

Nowadays you can find the presence of every company on social media. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others changed the way business build their marketing strategy. Brands create their image, online reputation on social media: they reach millions of their customers with their messages and have an outlet for discussion and evaluation of the brand’s products and services.
Social media is the most successful element in digital marketing all over the world. Monitoring social media data gives you an opportunity to use the most of social media: track competitors strategy, listen to your customers, find influencers, and set your content marketing strategy.

First, what is social media monitoring?

Briefly, it’s the process of listening of what happens on social media. It includes all the user actions as likes, followings, discussions in comments about your company, your products, your competition – so anything. It’s a great opportunity to get what people think of your brand, what they like, what they think about your competition – what impact your marketing strategy has on social media.
Let’s finally find out why you should monitor social media.

Listening to your customers

Obviously when building your marketing strategy you understand it should be customer-oriented. How can you achieve that? By listening your audience on social media.
On Facebook, for example, you focus your attention on likes, comments and links on posts, and shares. The more users like you – the more they are interested in your brand so you’re becoming more popular. When followers comment your posts, it’s a great way to engage in conversation with them and reveal what they are concerned about. Analyzing the posts that are most commented will help you to highlight the most well-turned content to use it in future more often. With the shares of your content you can track the growth of your audience.
Instagram is similar – it’s better to monitor not only the followers but their engagement with your account. Do followers like your photos and videos, comment them or share interest to your company?
By monitoring user’s reaction to your marketing campaign or latest announcement on social media you gather invaluable feedback that may be used to upgrade your products and services.
Use this knowledge to update your social media presence and to be closer to your audience.

Spying on Your Competitors

To overtake your competitors you should learn their actions on social media. Try to determine the goal of monitoring: you need information to attract their clients, you want evaluate their efforts, marketing strategy and their engagement with customers, or set new aims based on the closest competitors activity.
It’s better to start with monitoring the competitors on all social media they’re involved. The reason here is to find the rate of their social media engagement and the platforms they use the most. So it would be worthwhile for you to focus on these platforms rather than any others.
Tracking their engagement with customers will give you the knowledge of how creative the competitors are in conversations, what customer support they provide and if it’s effective.
The competitors can also give your ideas for new content on social media. Of course, you can’t copy their posts but you can use the topic to express your opinion on it. Plus you can track what competitor’s content is more popular among their followers so you can use this data for your social networks accounts.

Finding influencers

First, you can spot the influencers that mention your competitor’s products and services and reach out to them. They could be really interested in collaboration especially if your product has some specific features they haven’t covered yet.
But you also can find influencers among your followers. Just monitor their activity and their engagement with other users, try to understand their interests and with all this information choose the best content creators that can help you with promoting your brand and reaching a larger audience. Influencers will draw more users to your social media because their followers trust that this influencer recommends only companies with a good reputation.

How to pick the social media monitoring service

We described above the reasons to monitor users on social media. So the last question, last but not least, is what service you should use for monitoring.
To answer this question first you need to choose some social media platforms you’re interested in the most. Then determine your goals and the data you’ll need to gather to reach them: who you’ll be monitoring, for how long, how you will act after receiving the required data. Make a list of the options you want to see in a tool. Then research tools, using comparison sites, and create a shortlist. Finally, take in consideration the budget, interface, customer support – all the characteristics you consider important.

Social Media Monitoring with Snoopreport

Snoopreport is an Instagram monitoring tool. It’s a brand new platform that tracks all the user actions on Instagram: likes, follows and comments. You’ll be able to snoop as many accounts as you want.
The Instagram user activity data is provided in weekly and monthly PDF reports that are 100% accurate. You’ll also get all user actions in CSV reports containing data about users, their posts, links and metrics required to get valuable user insights.
Snoopreport will give you a new perspective on Instagram activity stats and help you to improve your performance and engagement.

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The use of the social media monitoring tools will definitely assist you in the success of your business. Ask questions in comments!