Why you should buy Instagram likes

You’ve probably heard repeatedly that you shouldn’t buy Instagram likes because buying likes isn’t genuine or because you may come off as a fake.

However, despite those statements, buying Instagram likes can really impact your business and/or brand. Plus, there is one website that offers real likes from real people, which we’ll talk about down below.

First, if you’re not convinced, here is why you should buy Instagram likes.

1. People will find you more credible

If you were presented with two of the same picture from two different accounts, and one picture had ten likes while the other had fifty, which person would you be more likely to trust and follow?

Personally, I would follow the account with more likes. Why? Because the amount of likes, to me, says that this person has more followers, therefore is more trusted by others, which is why I’m more likely to trust it. Likes are like testimonials without all the words.

If you buy likes, and someone visits your account and sees all of those likes, they’re probably more like-ly to follow you because they can see that you’re legit. If you’re new to Instagram, this could boost your impression and credibility.

2. Your account will be seen as more valuable

Let’s do another comparison. If you have the same online course being sold by two people, but one is being sold for $100.00 and the other for $700.00, you’re going to go with the more expensive one be-cause when you give something a high price, it’s because you’re given the impression that it, some-how, offers more value.

More likes on your posts give your account more value. People who follow you will think that you’re content is better. Even if you’re uploading content that others before you have posted countless times, it doesn’t matter because Instagram users will believe that your post that has more value—all because of the number next to the heart symbol.

3. You’ll gain more followers and likes

When you buy likes, you gain more likes—as in, likes you didn’t buy. When you see a post, even if you like it (feeling wise), if it only has two likes, you’re less likely to heart it. When you see a picture with plenty of likes, though, you don’t hesitate to double-tap. I’m not sure why we do that, but we do.

You’re also more likely to follow people who get more likes, which is how you too will gain more fol-lowers. You will seem more popular and well-liked. And like usual, people jump onto the things (or in this case, people) that are popular because of status.

The question is, how do you choose a website that offers more likes? Which ones do you trust? How do you know they’re not scams? Well, you don’t have to check a bunch of websites out because there is one website that has delivered nearly 800,000,000 likes to Instagram users — Stormlikes.

Stormlikes is unlike most websites that allow you to purchase Instagram likes. Stormlikes gives you exclusive and real Instagram likes from real people.

They have features such as country and gender targeting, in which you choose which country and gen-der you’d like to get likes from, that you won’t find in any other service because the likes you receive are from real, active Instagram users. They don’t come from ghost accounts.

Other great features include matching views (receiving the same amount of views in a video as you do likes), professional support, randomized likes (where you control how many likes you receive per post), automatic detection, and the ability to delay your likes if they’re coming too fast.

The best part, though? Stormlikes offers a free trial of fifty likes, just so you can see for yourself how real they are. The free trial requires no login information, or even your credit card number.

Plus, the prices are affordable, with one-time likes as low as $1.49, and monthly subscriptions starting at $14.99. You can cancel any time.

So, what are you waiting for? Go buy some Instagram likes!