Here’s How To See Who Someone Recently Followed On Instagram In 2021

Keeping track of the Instagram activity of your friends, followers and significant others on Instagram used to be fairly easy, thanks to the existence of the Instagram ‘following’ activity tab, which showed what those you follow had recently commented, liked and the other Instagram users that they themselves had recently followed.

However, with Instagram having removed the ‘following’ activity tab in 2019, this isn’t so easy any more. If you’re an influencer looking to get a closer look at what your followers are liking and sharing in order to cater for their interests more effectively, or perhaps just a nervous partner with some questions about their significant other’s social media activity, this no doubt came as a huge disappointment – and a massive inconvenience, too.

However, just because it’s not as easy to see the activity of those you’re following from the Instagram app itself, that’s not to say that you can’t do it at all. That’s where SnoopReport comes in!

Here’s how you can use SnoopReport to get a closer look at what your friends, family, partner and followers are really interacting with on Instagram.

Snoopreport website

Getting Started On SnoopReport

To get started on SnoopReport, all you need to do is sign up and choose your plan – we don’t even need your Instagram username to start tracking.

Snoopreport subscription plans

We have three tiers of monthly plans on SnoopReport. Our Personal plan is most ideal for those who are just looking to get a little more insight into the Instagram activity of a couple of people in their inner circle – with the Personal plan, you can track the activity of two separate Instagram accounts for just $4.99 per month.

The next tier is our Small Business plan, which allows you to track up to 10 users for $14.99 per month. This tier is ideal for anyone looking to keep track of the activity and interests of a few key people, allowing you a little more insight into the activity of family, friends or a key group of clients/customers for a small business.

Our Professional plan costs SnoopReport users $44.99 per month – a huge saving of $204.51 each year – and allows users to track up to 100 accounts at any given time. This pricing plan is ideal for aspiring influencers and business owners who are looking to keep track of their target demographic’s Instagram activity, allowing them to better cater for their followers’ interests. Keeping an eye on the things that your core client-base are interacting with will allow you to design your Instagram in a way that keeps people interested in your own account, making SnoopReport an invaluable business tool for anyone who keeps in touch with their target demographic via social media.

I’m All Signed Up – Now What?

Once you’re all set up for SnoopReport, here’s how to see who someone likes, follows and comments on whilst using Instagram.

  1. Head To The SnoopReport Dashboard
User’s dashboard

This is where all you can access all the activity reports of those who you’re tracking.

  1. Hit ‘Add Account’

Enter the Instagram username of the person that you’re looking to track. Don’t worry – they won’t know that you’ve started to monitor them via SnoopReport and your activity on our site can’t be traced back to you.

  1. Start Tracking

 Once you’ve entered their username, SnoopReport will start to track their activity and build it into data reports for you to see.

  1. Check Data Reports

After a few days, weeks, etc., head back over to your SnoopReport dashboard. You’ll be able to see an overview of your tracked users’ activity from your dashboard, or you can get a closer look by hitting the ‘see reports’ button.

  1. Everything Is Right There For You!

The first report you’ll see is the users’ activity in the most recent week of tracking. You’ll get an overview of just how active the user was on Instagram, whether they were moderately active, very active, extremely active or barely active at all.

  1. What Did They Like?

 You’ll be able to see a summary of that user’s likes, including how many total posts they liked, how many individual users they liked and what percentage of these users were ‘verified’, i.e: celebrities, influencers, businesses, etc.

You’ll also be able to see that person’s ‘favourite user’ – the user who received the most likes from them in the selected timeframe, as well as how many likes this individual got from them.

Scroll further down the report and you can even see just how each liked user ranks depending on how much your tracked user interacts with their content.

  1. Who Are They Following?

 You can see if the user has followed anyone new recently, and who they followed, too.

  1. What were they most interested in?


You can see the tags and categories that the user interacted with the most!

  1. See How The Data Changes

We don’t just issue a new report weekly and get rid of the last one – you can see reports from throughout the period where you have been tracking the user. By heading back through the data, you can see how a user’s behaviour on Instagram has changed over time.

Why Should I Use SnoopReport?

SnoopReport is the leading provider of Instagram activity insights online and currently the only service that allows you a detailed overview of a specific user’s likes, follows and recent comments.

Whether you’re an influencer or a business looking to get to know your target demographic that little bit better or an individual with some suspicions about a particular user’s activity, SnoopReport is the simple, easy, effective and discreet way of getting hold of this data. No awkward questions, no sneaking around – we’ll get the data for you with no effort from you at all and present it in a detailed, easy-to-view report.

So, how do you see who someone follows on Instagram? How do you see someone’s Instagram likes? How do you see what someone is commenting on Instagram? With SnoopReport, the leading service for discreet and detailed insights on Instagram user activity.