How to Track an Instagram Account

A person’s Instagram account can be a fantastic window into their interests, activities, and motivations. Whether you’re trying to get to know someone better, protecting your trust for someone, or doing powerful market research, Instagram tracking is an effective tool.

But how do you get started with this tracking? There are three key ways to track an Instagram account: manually, with a spyware app, or with Snoopreport. Let’s take a closer look at how to use each of these strategies and the pros and cons they each carry.

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How to Track an Instagram Account Manually

There’s a reason why there are so many Instagram tracking apps and tools available: because Instagram doesn’t have a built-in way to keep watch over an account’s activity. There isn’t a straightforward way to do this, but the steps below can help you hack together some data.

Step 1: Mirror Follow

If you want to monitor the posts that someone is liking on Instagram, you can expect that most of the posts they like will be from accounts they follow. For that reason, the first step is to go to the person’s profile and click on “Following” to see the list of accounts they follow. Then, follow all those accounts from your own Instagram account.

Step 2: Keep a Watchful Eye on Your Newsfeed

Since you’re following the same accounts as the person you’re tracking, you should see most of the same posts in your newsfeed as they do. Because of this, you can take a deep dive into your newsfeed, checking each post to see if the person you’re tracking has liked the post. If you want an ongoing record of the posts they’ve liked so you can look for patterns, you can take screenshots and save each post to your device.

Step 3: Track and Compare Follow Lists

Another type of Instagram activity you may want to track is the new accounts that the person is following. Of course, Instagram doesn’t have an easy way to do this either because they don’t allow you to sort other users’ following lists in order of when they followed them.

To do this manually, you can check the person’s “Following” list on their profile and write down the accounts they follow. Every week or so, you can do the same and compare it to the list from the previous week to see which accounts are new.

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How to Track an Instagram Account with a Spyware App

A more thorough yet highly challenging way to track an Instagram account is with a spyware app that you install on the person’s phone. There are several of these tools available, but they generally follow the same process:

Step 1: Set Up an Account

You’ll begin by signing up for a monthly subscription to the tool. These can be pricey, costing upwards of $25 per month, though some are less expensive.

Step 2: Get Access to the Person’s Phone

Because you’ll be installing an app on the person’s phone, you need to get access to their phone. Not only do you need to get your hands on their phone while they aren’t around, but you need a way to unlock the phone too. This is a difficult roadblock in most cases.

Step 3: Install the Spyware App

While you have access to the phone and the person is still out of reach, you need to take several minutes to install the app for your spyware tool. These apps usually don’t use a visible icon in an effort to make it harder for the person to find it, though it will generally still appear on the list of apps in their settings.

Step 4: Link Your Account to the Spyware App

Once the app is installed, you may need to enter a code or use another process to connect your account to the spyware app. Each tool works differently, but at this point, you will probably start receiving reports about the person’s Instagram activity.

The Winner: How to Track an Instagram Account with Snoopreport

If you want a way to track Instagram accounts thoroughly without giving up your valuable time, it doesn’t get any better than Snoopreport. Snoopreport is an online tool that allows you to track any non-private Instagram account, giving you a weekly report of their activity like their post likes, the accounts they interact with most, their new follows, the top hashtags in the posts they like, and their top interests based on their Instagram activity.

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Best of all, tracking an Instagram account with Snoopreport is simple and seamless. Follow these easy steps:

Step 1: Sign Up for a Snoopreport Account

Head to to sign up for an account with your email address. If you’re tracking someone who has access to your email, be sure you use a different email account that they can’t access.

Step 2: Purchase Your Plan

Snoopreport offers several Instagram tracking plans depending on the number of accounts you want to track. Plans for tracking up to two accounts start at just $5 per month, but there are larger plans that allow you to track up to 100 accounts at a time.

Step 3: Select the Accounts You Want to Follow

Once you’ve signed up for an account and subscribed to Snoopreport, you can start tracking accounts by just clicking “Add Account” and entering the Instagram handle for the account you want to track. That’s all you need: no access to the person’s phone, no passwords, and nothing beyond the account’s handle. You don’t even need to be following the account on Instagram.

As long as the account isn’t private, you’re set up and ready to go. You’ll start receiving reports each week which include the person’s liked posts, new follows, top hashtags, and more.

Benefits of Tracking an Instagram Account with Snoopreport

Snoopreport offers advantages you won’t get from manual tracking or from a spyware app. For one, the data you receive is clear, thorough, and accurate. Second, the tool is highly discreet. Your Snoopreport isn’t linked to your Instagram account in any way. Not only will the user not know they’re being tracked, but they won’t know you’re tracking them in particular.

Getting the Instagram Data You Need with Ease

Instagram tracking doesn’t have to be a time-consuming or stressful task. With Snoopreport, you get the accurate and detailed information you need with a simple, efficient, and affordable tool. To see it for yourself, try Snoopreport today.