Instagram Tracker

Users on Instagram are always curious about what other users: their friends, celebrities or other random people do on Instagram. It doesn’t mean only the posts the users publish but also the likes they make, the comments they leave, the users they follow. 

The official Instagram app doesn’t provide all this information in full. Certainly you can use the following feed where just some likes, comments likes and follows of the users you follow are mentioned. 

But what if you need more information about the user activity? Then you should pay attention to the third-party apps that collect the data from Instagram and provide it in a more useful way. 

Let’s see what data exactly the Instagram activity trackers can offer you.

Instagram like tracker

One of the actions on Instagram is a like. Users like posts every day and it’s obvious that someone wants to snoop on another user’s likes. Some individual users are usually interested in what their beloved ones like. It is proved by the requests on search engines such as “how to see boyfriends likes on instagram” or “can i see what my girlfriend likes on instagram”.

Professional users such as marketers and bloggers can use the likes as user insights to research their audience preferences and common tendencies. When getting the information about likes made by the key users, it’s important to analyze the content that attracts user attention. Instead of analyzing each photo with a like, it’s more helpful to analyze the hashtags added to the liked posts so you can analyze the trends among the group of user.

Instagram follower activity tracker

Another action available to users on Instagram is following. You can follow and unfollow other users on Instagram. This activity can also tell a lot about the users if you start analyzing it. For individual users it’s a great way to learn if an user got a new acquaintance or became interested in some new topics offered by a particular account.

With a more professional view you can find new macro and micro influencers by snooping the new follows of your target audience. In addition you can expand the knowledge of the user’s interests by gathering data of the new follows and the categories of their accounts: Fashion, Art, Music and etc.

Instagram comment tracker

The last important action feature that Instagram provides but not the least is a comment. Users like leaving comments under posts and even make large discussions. Comments can be also interested for both individual users and professional community.

Individual users can observe how a boyfriend or a girlfriend interacts with other users by chatting under a posts and expresses the delight or disaffection to a photo. Professional researchers can follow the trends in such discussions and even take part in them to promote the brand/services or change the user opinions.

Quite a new feature is a comment like that can disclose the opinion leaders in the discussion and a general opinion that most users support. Comments likes can also reveal the attitude of the post owner to his followers. 

What Instagram activity tracker to use?

If you really need the tool that can monitor what users like and what accounts they follow on Instagram we would recommend Snoopreport. The service requires no app download – you can use it in the web and mobile version.

With Snoopreport you can monitor any public Instagram account even if you don’t follow it. And you don’t have to provide your login and password – the service will require only the Instagram username of the user you want to track. So it’s completely safe to use Snoopreport.

After you choose the subscription plan and add the account in your dashboard you will be getting weekly and monthly reports with user’s likes, comments likes and follows.

You can see the reports examples here.

Snoopreport report of Jessica Alba’s Instagram activity

….and bonus features of Snoopreport

We have already described the main Snoopreport features. But there are some that should be mentioned.

First, it is the user activity periods data that shows when the likes and follows were made with hours and week days.

Jessica Alba’s Instagram activity

For professional users Snoopreport provides all actions chronologically in csv format with some additional features: captions of the posts liked, geotags, likeback and more. 

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