How tracking Instagram actions can help your personal life

Once my college buddy gave me an insight how to choose presents for girls. You should pretend, he said, that you’ve already bought a present and suggest that the chic try and guess what it was. Her first guess would be just the thing she wants to get as a present. I thought he was a genius!
So I did exactly that. My girlfriend named a big teddy bear.
Can you imagine that? And I bought it. A huge plush monstrosity. For our first St.Valentine! I was sure I did the right thing ‘couse that’s what girls like, right? Various romantic nonsense. Who knew they could be very practical?! Well, let’s say I survived that night only due to my quick wit. I later confessed who inspired me and we together laughed our pants out.
Next time I didn’t take risks and asked her little sister for an insight. And she said I should check what Nancy was liking on Instagram. Bingo!
I didn’t want to be caught fussing with her phone, so I found a special service for Instagram tracking. Snoopreport it was. By the time of her birthday I knew for sure she was dying to have a new handbag. I knew the model and even the color. Let’s say, we both got lucky that night ?
We didn’t last long though. Too different life perspectives, you know. But the
method worked perfectly well with all my girls ever since. So guys, use an
easy way to read your girls’ minds. Their activity in Instagram is a mirror of
their secret wishes.