A great experience in Instagram users research performed by Publicis Media

Instagram analytics

Instagram became a great platform for businesses to promote their products and services, interact with their target audience. It’s also a great source of data for social media analytics.   

Social media analytics is the process of the collection of the unstructured social media data and classification it in structured social insights to apply them to the marketing strategy.

The use of Instagram for analytics and monitoring is constantly increasing. Monitoring tools offer different ways of tracking Instagram data: tracking your brand mentions, follower growth, interactions, measuring Instagram campaigns, hashtag performance, managing your Instagram activity. In most cases they analyze how other users interact with your Instagram account.

Instagram monitoring platform Snoopreport

Snoopreport is a new and unique platform that allows to monitor Instagram user’s activity. It tracks likes, comments and follows the user made. All the data is provided in weekly and monthly reports. You can read more about Snoopreport here

This statistics can be used for monitoring the actions of your customers, competitors and influencers, and also for the professional in-depth analytics. Probably that’s why we’ve been chosen by Publicis Media Russia as a data provider for social media analytics.  

Snoopreport & Publicis Media

The great example of the Snoopreport professional use is the collaboration with Publicis Media, Russia.

Publicis Media is one of the “Big Four” largest marketing and communications agencies in the world. We were very excited to be chosen as a Instagram actions data provider for them.

The aim of their monitoring of Instagram users was to identify the main interests of auto brand owners. They used Snoopreport to track these users and their ‘likes’ activity. Here is the procedure of their monitoring:

  1. Collection of nicknames of people who make a brand purchase with “User centric panel” to get usernames of not private Instagram accounts
  2. Tracking Instagram users activity as likes, comments and follows. The results obtained are the lists of posts liked , users followed, comments made – all are with the media URLs and timestamps.
  3. Conversion of visual data into text labels using Google Vision API
  4. Clusterization of text labels and audience insights into groups of interests  The audience clusters got were Fashion, Sport/Speed, Traveling, Fans of premium brands and so on.

The important findings made:

  • users who can possibly buy competitors vehicles
  • segments for possible brand-switching users and communication insights for them
  • a number of brands for possible collaboration
  • touchpoints to talk with target audience and do it on their natural language

Here is only one brief case of Snoopreport usage in professional data analytics, read our Snoopreport use cases article to find out possible option you got.

You can become a part of the Snoopreport users community, just join us and start Instagram monitoring today!

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