5 ways to find out who your Insta Stalker is

Users on Instagram are always interested in other people’s lives so they constantly scroll posts in their feed, check other users profiles, watch strangers stories. They can even start stalking someone: it can be a celebrity or just a pretty person with beautiful photos and videos posted. Such users can even use Insta Stalker apps to learn more about the Instagram account, track his activity as e.g. see every photo someone likes on Instagram and always get quick updates on every post/action.

Have you ever thought that your acquaintance is searching on google “how to see what someone likes on instagram” to snoop on you? If you want to be aware of your possible stalkers on Instagram you can use tips below.

1. See who interacts with your profile

The first and easiest way you should use to identify your Insta Stalkers is to examine the likes and views you get under your posts. You can see who likes your posts very quickly by checking the notifications you get on your mobile.

Also you should pay attention if the users who like your posts don’t follow your account. It means they don’t get any notification that you made a post or can’t see it in their feed. Evidently they open your account many times a day to see any news from you. 

Pay attention that you can turn your account into private to hide your activity from the users that aren’t in your followers list. 

2. Arrange your followers

If you have a public profile, it is useful to check the users you have among your followers. Surely your friends and family members follow your account. But what about the people you don’t know at all? 

Some of them can be public business accounts that promote their services on Instagram. You can have some mutual acquaintances with the unknown users – it is easy to check: just open the profile of your follower and you will see the mutual friends on Instagram under the profile photo and bio information.

But if your follower has a very few followers and follows, a few or no posts, no bio information and profile photo, pay attention to him that can be either bot or Insta stalker – you can block this account.

3. Check who watched your story

It is the easiest way that doesn’t require from you many efforts but can show you true results. You don’t need to install any third party apps as you can get all the required data in the Instagram app. All you need is to post stories from your account and then see the viewers.

First of all you should pay attention on the users that don’t follow your account but watch your stories regularly. Among your followers you can find the stalkers by the frequency they watch your stories and also how fast they react on your updates and if they are the first who view your story. 

4. Set up a business profile

Business profile won’t actually reveal the users that stalk your account but can show how many impressions and the exact number of users your Instagram account gets. 

You can switch your personal account into a business one in your account settings – you will have to connect your Facebook account with the Instagram account and that is all. 

Business account provides many interesting profile stats in your Instagram app: content views, profile visits, your audience information and so on. The information about the audience can give you an idea about the users that view your Instagram, their ages, location and the online activity.

5. Use third-party apps 

One more way to check who can use Insta Stalker app to view your Instagram is to try a third-party app. There are a lot of them such as Follower Insight, Follower Analyzer, Ig Master Followers Analyzer, Ig Master Followers Analyzer.  

These apps can show the users that follow and unfollow you, like or never like your posts, block you and more. Some of them promise to show users who view your Instagram mostly, but it is quite doubtful. Be careful when using such apps – don’t share your Instagram password to them or you can lose your account.

If you find out who stalks you on Instagram and would like to monitor your stalker’s activity, you can also use an Insta Stalker app 🙂 We would recommend to try Snoopreport tool that tracks user actions on Instagram so you can learn what a monitored user liked and whom followed within a week/month.

Snoopreport report example